Goutam Basak

Goutam considers himself as Mathematics Honours and Masters in Information Technology by education; entrepreneur by logic; egalitarian by heart;a people person; a risk taker and life and learning are joyfully synonymous by attitude.

Vast experience from his early odd jobs to established corporate roles in several IT companies has sown the seeds for a successful consultancy company, Infonity ( They are in HR consulting, recruitment and human analytics. They are also specialised in Workforce Diversity and Mental Health Consulting for organizations and governments. Infonity also started an IT consultancy as Infonity Solutions where they are working with the latest technologies and along the way they developed two E-Learning Products on Diversity and Mental Health.

Goutam is also an author of two books namely “Jailbreak : Unblock the friend within to conquer this big small world” and “Think like a Migrant Act like a Local “, instructor of two e-learning products and migrated four times so far both inter-country and intra-country.

Laurence D Clarke

Over Laurie’s 30 years in the ICT industry, which started in a technical role as an IBM 370 Assembler programmer back in the early days of punched card programming, he has worked with many prominent ICT companies throughout New Zealand and Australia, working in system analysis, sales, and branch management. For almost a decade, he has been involved in recruitment, specializing in the ICT industry.

Our aim is to provide unique service to our customers, wherein we believe in quality over quantity. We ensure the best match between customers and candidates and pride ourselves on our ability to scrutinize, to make sure customers are offered the best candidates, and the candidates can find the best position. By going further and really understanding the workplace and position, as well as getting to know the candidates well, we can make informed decisions and find the best match.